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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Display Performance Center in Chrome

Today, I was assigned a task to compare form load performance between available browsers for Windows (ie Chrome, FireFox, IE and Edge).

You might be aware that Dynamics CRM/365 include a performance center you can use by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Q. Once activated, it records load times and helps you understand your form load performance. More information here

This performance center is available in all browsers (at least with CRM 2016+) but the key combination closes Chrome!

A small tip then, you can create a bookmark with the following target :


Or you can also use the Chrome extension Level Up

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New XrmToolBox plugin : Attribute Usage Inspector

A colleague of mine recently asked if it was possible to inspect data usage to determine which attributes are useless in a CRM 2016 organization because not filled with any value. My first answer was: no. I used to know a solution named CRM Data Detective that does the same but for CRM 4 and CRM 2011 only.

Ok, I was wrong and found out that a version for CRM 2015/2016 also exists.

Anyway, the major problem with this solution is the fact that if the entity you want to inspect has more records than the AggregateQueryRecordsLimit (which is 50,000 in CRM Online and cannot be updated), then you don’t get real usage statistics.

This plugin resolves this limitation by querying actual records instead of performing aggregation query (only if aggregation query fails because of the limit). This can impact performance but if you really needs it, you get it.

You can also export the result in a raw Excel file.

Here is a screenshot


As usual, please use the Plugins Store in XrmToolBox to get this plugin.

Happy inspection!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Improved Iconator for XrmToolBox

Hi Dynamics CRM community! It’s been a long time since the last article on this blog!

Today, I want to share with you what’s new on Iconator plugin for XrmToolBox and where these changes come from.

Believe it or not but,  in my day to day consultant work, I’m not customizing Dynamics CRM anymore but mainly focus on development. So, working with Dynamics CRM icons was not part of my job. But lately, I had to work on a project with me and myself only, so it did require that I create entities and update their icons to have a shiny CRM application. And even if Iconator is a helpful plugin, it was not helpful enough. The major concerns were:

  • Cannot set entities color. You can do it in customizations but one by one entity.
  • Icons used in SiteMap (the 32x32 pixels white ones) don’t fit well if the white color touch icon edges. This is particularly true with icons from (which I recommend, by the way)

You know me, it couldn’t stay that way… So I updated Iconator plugins

First, I added possibility to optimize 32x32 images. To do so, click on “Optimize 32x32 Images” button. A dialog opens and shows all 32x32 images that don’t have a 2 pixel transparent border. The dialog shows how the optimized images will fit in its 32x32 canva. You can also change the background and icon color (for preview only) to see what it looks like with you own custom theme. Select images to optimize and click on “Update Icons” and Voilà!


Second point, being able to change Entity color. Let’s imagine I optimized and apply the above icon to the selected entity. By clicking on “Change color” button, I can select another color for the entity, preview the change and apply it by clicking on “Apply color change” button.


Last point, it’s now possible to select multiple entities to update their icons and color in one single operation.

This update will be available soon in the XrmToolBox Plugins Store so keep an eye on it or follow me on Twitter (@TanguyTOUZARD) to be notified when the plugin update is available.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Welcome to the XrmToolBox Plugins Store

Wow! It's been a long time since I did not write an article on my blog!

Today, I'm releasing the April 2016 version of XrmToolBox. This new version comes with an integrated plugins store. So, what does it mean?

It means each and every developer can share his/her XrmToolBox plugins without the need to ask me permissions or help to distribute the plugins across the world.

Here is what the Plugins Store looks like

As you can see, Jonas Rapp and Daryl Labar already shared their plugins through this new channel. To install their plugins, just select them and click on "Install selected packages" button and you are good to go!

The Plugins store is also capable to detect that a new version of an installed plugin is available and let syou update it.

The Plugins store is launched automatically after XrmToolBox startup but you can disable this in the store form itself or in XrmToolBox options. The Plugins Store is also available from the main application toolbar.

So, what do you need to do if you want to share your XrmToolBox plugin? Just follow this procedure on XrmToolBox wiki

Finally, you can download this new version on the XrmToolBox website, as usual. Or maybe you installed March version and if everything goes as expected (crossing fingers), you should be able to update your XrmToolBox application automatically thanks to the XrmToolBox auto updater released in previous version.

Friday, July 31, 2015

New XrmToolBox plugin : Chart Manager

Just this once, the August release is published in July. Indeed, I’m on holidays this evening and I want to be sure everybody has the chance to get a new release of XrmToolBox with a new plugin : Chart Manager

Chart Manager

Chart Manager is a plugin that helps you to export/import charts from/to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in bulk. It also allows to edit the XML definition of a chart directly, without the need to export/import.



The toolbox itself and some plugins have been updated to fix bugs and add enhancements. The release note is available here.

If you are already using XrmToolBox, you should have received an Update Notification. If not, just go to to download the latest version.

Monday, July 6, 2015

New XrmToolBox version and MVP award

Hi everybody,

First of all, maybe you already saw it on social networks but I’' have been renewed as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP for the 6th time! Great honor to be part of the CRM MVP group again and thanks to all XrmToolBox users that  make this possible.

Regarding XrmToolBox, I just released a new version today.

New plugins management

It is a breaking change version since plugins management have been revamped to use Microsoft Extensibilty Framework, which means plugins need to be migrated to this new plugins mechanism to work. This new mechanism helps to manage plugins automatically with no custom code, and also allow to deliver files with multiples plugins inside.

If you use plugins other than ones shipped with XrmToolBox, you might want to keep the previous version available until other plugins are migrated. Of course, all plugins shipped with XrmToolBox are compatible.

Usage statistics

I aslo implemented a new mechanism that will help me and other developers to understand how often plugins are used. To do so, when starting XrmToolBox, a prompt will ask for your agreement to send totally anonymous information about your usage of XrmToolBox plugins. To be clear, the only data sent is the version of XrmToolBox and the name of the plugin executed.

Here is the prompt


You can always change your mind by de/activating this feature in XrmToolBox options


You will be able to see statistics on statecounter

Help content (developers)

Developers can now include a help link in their plugins. By implementing interface IHelpPlugin, a new menu is available to redirect users to a help web page of your choice.


Other updates

To see the complete list of other changes, read the release notes


As usual, you can download the latest version on

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

XrmToolBox version 1.2015.6.9

Today, I released a new version of XrmToolBox that is mainly a maintenance release (see release note for details).

Nevertheless, two enhancements have been made to the XrmToolBox application:

  • Search bar has now focus when XrmToolBox is open: This will avoid an extra click to reach search bar, so you can start typing the tool you want to use as soon as XrmToolBox is displayed
  • Connection selection dialog now has a “Most Recently used” feature that allows to display connections that have been used recently so when you often work on the same organizations, these connections are displayed on top of the connection list

Without “Most Recently used” feature activated


With “Most Recently used” feature activated


As usual, this release is available for download on